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Change of Address…

So a few changes have happened since we last updated this blog… Yes, that’s right – Wayward Plane is now based in Titusville, Florida, across a couple of rivers from the Canaveral launch pads. Perhaps more importantly, her typist is there too, both to hold the leash and to revel in the sights and sounds […]

Science: It’s Not Magic

Magic. Google defines magic as “the power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces”. An image search will find pictures of top hats and white gloves and marvelous glowy effects, fantasy landscapes, ethereal figures in flowing robes, wizards in pointy hats and arcane symbology.

It Takes A Village (To Go To Space)

Today, this very morning, ULA launched their Atlas V rocket carrying Cygnus for Orbital ATK, to fulfill their contract to bring supplies to the International Space Station for NASA, and if all that jumble of names and abbreviations seems confusing to you, well, get used to it. Space isn’t what it used to be – […]