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Twitter space parody account @WaywardPlane [est. 19 Jan 2017]

  • #NASASocial, Parker Solar Probe [19 Aug 2018]
  • #NASASocial, CRS-17 [29 Apr 2019]
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Twitch affiliate WaywardPlane [est. 15 Nov 2017; affil. 20 Jul 2018]

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Music maker & song writer, as Wayward Plane [BMI 00364968215]

  • Album, Past Imperfect, 12 tracks [1 Nov 2018, Chaosbender Records]
  • Album, Present Intense, 13 tracks [1 Nov 2018, Chaosbender Records]
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Creator of Launch Rats, Space Coast launch tourism website [since ~Feb 2018]

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Ali TheSpaceHobbit, Lv 120 Hobbit Minstrel, et al.,The Lord of the Rings Online [since 2008; acct. since 2013]

  • Leader, Here Be Dragons kinship, Landroval server
CMDR Wayward Plane, Krait Phantom Rebuilt by ULA, Elite Dangerous

  • Double Elite: Explorer, Trader
  • 204 kly, 41 kly from Sol, 4059 systems visited [as of 1 May 2019]
  • Distant Worlds 2 Expedition, Roster # 14142 – completed [as of 2 Jun 2019]


Starfleet Academy, Graduate [Class of 2347]
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry, Graduate [Class of 1984]

  • Ravenclaw House

Other Honors

Best Shuttlecraft, U.S.S. Psychosis

Fifty-Two: A Wayward Birthday

Ten Days in the Life of a Launch Rat

by Wayward Plane

“I’ll be in Florida for your birthday,” Matoro promised me. Of course, that was when the launches were scheduled for August 2nd (my birthday) and July 31st (two days prior), and while we both knew the First Rule of Launch Rats very well (Rule 1: Everything Slips) somehow we weren’t paying much attention to that.

Then, of course, everything slipped – Parker Solar Probe first, then Merah Putih, then Parker Solar Probe again – and finally, we were looking at August 7th for Merah Putih, and August 11th for Parker Solar Probe. It hardly seemed worthwhile for Mat to come down earlier than that.

But, “I’ll be in Florida for your birthday,” Mat had promised me, and so when the Florida sun rises to scorch the Space Coast on the morning of my fifty-second birthday, there he is, parked and waiting outside my door. With Chick-Fil-A breakfast, even. Continue reading “Fifty-Two: A Wayward Birthday”

Wayward Ramblings

owning things

22nd May, 2019: the day I came out of the closet, attacked the door with a pickaxe, and then set the entire closet on fire.

22nd May, 2019: the day I stepped out of the closet, smashed the door into shards behind me, and set the entire closet on fire.


The question of pronouns.

Today, while I was streaming, someone asked me what pronouns I use. I thought about it for a moment, and then told them that I hadn’t been streaming all that long, that I was still just an affiliate, and that I was therefore using amateur nouns, and pronouns were still far off in my future.

It was a joke.

It wasn’t a joke.

But the reality is much simpler, and far more complex, than that.

Read the rest of it.

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The Tale of the Wayward Plane

I’m not a pilot, nor am I an aviation technician of any sort. I’m not particularly an airplane buff, or well-versed in the history of flight. I’ve flown in commercial aircraft, but I don’t have any frequent-flyer miles to my name.

“So where did your online handle come from?” you may ask. “Why are you, of all things, a Wayward Plane?”

A reasonable question, that.

You see, a long time ago, in a galaxy far away – the 19th of January, 2017, in northwestern Arkansas, to be precise – I made a split-second decision that would change my life immeasurably, and irrevocably…

Continue reading “The Tale of the Wayward Plane”

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Past Imperfect
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Present Intense
Present Intense on Spotify
Two albums
containing twenty-five songs
created over six years
by one Wayward Plane.

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